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What are the positives and negatives the unexpected highs and unpredictable lows?

Those who experience of dating French people reveal what you need to know about finding love in France.

Q01 : How do you feel about working with Karina in the Feb issue of Ray?

As we got to know one another since elementary school, there's no barrier between us so it was a delightful experience........... (Sorry, cannot be seen because of the white background of his white shirt).......... Ans : Even though I have not counted, there's definitely more than 30 pieces of them! 1 because I feel that it's great to be number 1........... (Sorry, answer can't be seen as well because of his white shirt!

"French women tend to act in two different ways, they can be rather cold or suspicious, not willing to talk intimately about themselves or they like to make out in front of a restaurant full of people.

It can be hard to find that middle ground," said Nick Paulsen.

I’ve never had an American man tell me he hates my sweater." "There are clear lines as to whether or not you are in the relationship," said Kate Jones. And that anniversary is more important than when you first go on a date." "This talk doesn't exist in France, you just assume that you're 'official' after a couple of dates.

He gives me my present when the 3 of us were together and I pull out...lingerie..front of his mom.

I was so embarrassed and he didn’t get what the big deal was.

France has the reputation of being somewhere romance can blossom anywhere: in the cafe, on the corner of your street, at the boulangerie counter or while you're sheltering from the rain next to the cinematheque.

"They are so liberal that they will openly talk about other women’s underwear and how sexy they found it: on your date.

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Ans : Maybe I'll be staying at home as usual (Laugh).......... Ans : Mobile phone If there's no mobile phone, I think it should be ok.

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