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She afterward remarked, when speaking of this toilsome journey down the river in search of her husband: "When I got there I was all perished. " The doctor, touched by such unexampled devotion, took her to his heart, and ever after, until his death, treat- ed her with marked respect. presided at his table with grace and dig- nity, but never abandoned her native style of dress. But, with her infant child, this intrepid wife and mother started alone in her canoe, and after many days of weary labor and a lonely journey of 900 miles, she at last reached him.i rnc:s ^=tiss= CORNELL UNIVERSITY LIBRARY I 1 1 I I I I -a I I I s BOUGHT WITH THE INCOME OF THE SAGE ENDOWMENT FUND GIVEN IN 189I BY HENRY WILLIAMS SAGE F 627C3''h67" """"*"' ""^ *^'*! f* *'°""*Xi 'owa; together olin 3 1924 028 913 840 Overs Cornell University Library The original of this bool6, with the Sacs an d Foxes 42 Treaty of 1837 42 Treaty of Eelinc LUishment 42 Treatyofl843 42 CHAPTER IV. Population Civil Townships — ; Town Plats Matrimonial Financial Stock Registry of Deeds 240 241 244 254 255 268 260 261 274: 278 279! 200 291' 297 301 ; 3071 307 309 310 311 317 319 320 f- CHAPTER IX. NATIONAL, STATE AND COUNTY BEPEE- 8ENTATION Congres Monal County Judge County Auditor Becorder 321 341 341 350 352 365 ^ PAOB Treasurer and Beeorder .. THE BAR 381 Attorneys of Atlantic 383 Attorneys of Lewis 390 Barof Anita 890 Bar of Gri Bwold 391 CHAPTER XIII. 392 Fbvsicians of Lewis 394 Physicians of Atlantic 397 Physicians of Griswold 404 Physicians of Reno 406 Physicians of Anita 406 Marae Doctors 408 Wiota Doctors 408 Medical Association 408 CHAPTER XIV. THE PRESS OF CASS COUNTY 430 Cass County Gazette 433 Atlantic Messenger i. MASSENA TOWNSHIP Early Settlement Educational Organic CHAPTER XXXII. He, however, succeeded in gain- ing the confidence of the chief to such an extent as to be allowed to travel in the interior for three weeks, and explore the country.EABLY SETTLEMENTS 43 The Dubuque Settlement 43 The Giard Settlement 43 The Montrose Settlement 43 The Burlington Settlement 43 The Keokuk Settlement 43 Bules for the Government of Dubuque 45 Military Interference with Settlements 45 PAGE Extinguishment of Indian Titles 46 The Fort Madison Settlement 47 Flint Hills 47 The Davenport Settlement ' 48 Clayton County Settlement 48 Council Blufls 48 Des Moines 49 CHAPTER y. 50 Territory of Wisconsin 50 Territorial Council 50 Organization of Counties 51 Territory of Iowa 51 First Territorial Officers ;.. 59 Appointment of Supreme Judges 60 Eailroad Buildings 62 Organization of the Eepublioan Party ra gonstltutioual Convention 64 es Moines Chosen the State Capital 64 Census by Counties 67 CHAPTER VII. IOWA AND THE KEBBJLLION 89 Kesyonse to the Nation's Call 90 irstlntantry 98 Seconfl Infantry 97 Third Infantry 97 Fiiurth Infantry ' 98 Fifth Infantry 98 Sixth Infantry 98 Seventh Infantry 98 Eighth Infantry 99 Ninth Infantry 99 T. 438 Atlantic Weekly Telegraph 440 Atlantic Daily Telegraph....... FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP Early Settlement Oiganization— Educational . He employed two young Indians as guides, and traversed in different direc- tions the whole region lying between the Maquoketa and Turkey rivers. This may be called the first Legislature in Iowa, the members of which gathered around that old Cottonwood log, and agreed to and re- ported the following, written by Mr.

Thirty-fourth Infantry Ihirts-fifth Infantry ins Thirty-sixth Infantry Hjy Thiriy-seventh Infantry .- 108 Thirty eighth Infantry 109 Thirty-ninth Infantry 109 Fortieth Infantry , 110 Kojty-flrstliitiintr.v :. 4B9 First Battery, Ligrbt Artillery 499 First Nebraska Cavalry 499 Boll of Honor 499 CHAPTER XIX. BBIGHTON TOWNSHIP 687 Early Settlement 688 Educational 606 Officers 808 Marne 608 Hotels 617 Societies 618 Postofflce— Educational 623 CHAPTER XXIII. Although these lands had been pur- chased, from France, they were not in the actual posession of the United States. The first settlers were therefore obliged to be their own law-makers, and to agree to such regula- tions as the exegencies of the case de- manded. Iowa was done by the miners at this point, in June, 1830. After this, the miners, who had thus erected an independent government of their own on the west side of the Missis- sippi river, continued to work successfully for a long time, and the new settlement attracted considerable attention. Zachary Taylor, then in command of the military post at Prairie du Chien, who, early in July, sent an officer to the miners to forbid settlement, and to command the miners to remove, within ten days, to the east side of the Mississippi, or they would be driven off by armed force. 710 710 731 732 733 734 747 748 749 749 750 760 762 762 764 764 771 77S 776 776 776 777 786 788 789 800 807 807 808 820 821 821 823 829 831 832 841 8,50 851 852 852 853 855 857 887 881 884 902 904 f^ ^♦"V -i . It is said she returned to her people, on the Upper Missouri. Muir's claim at Keokuk, subsequently em- ployed as their agent Moses Still well, who arrived with his family in 1828, and took possession. Ford), was born in 1831 at the foot of the rapids, called by the Indians Puckashetuck. His Indian wife bore to him four children — Louise, James, Mary and Sophia. Muir died suddenly of cholera, in 1832, but left his property in such a cofldition that it was soon wasted in vexatious liti- gation, and his brave and faithful wife, left friendless and penniless, became discour- aged, and, with her two younger children, disappeared., 163 Cainpaig.i of 1881 166 i Dampiiign of 1882 ]67 Campaign of 1863 .170 Campaign of 1864 .17^ Campaign of 1865 " " 173 Campaign of 1886 ne Campaign of 1867 . The three who had lingered a little too long were, however, permitted to make their escape unmolested." 179 Campaign of 1868 igd Campaign of 1*^69 ig;.; Campaign ot 1870 "" is Tl Campaign of 1871 18-1 Campaign of 1872 isc Campaign of 1873 i8! 215 John Chambers 220 James Clarke 22:1 Other Territorial Officers ! From this time a mil- itary force was stationed at Dubuque lo prevent the settlers from returning, until June, 1832.

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.596 Albee, William 86y Boggs, Henry Bo Uer, John 7 Corbitt, James D.... Upon this basis the titles to the land in the Half-Breed Tract are now held. This treaty was made at Portage des Sioux of Minnesota and Upper Iowa, and the United States, by William Clark and Ninian Ed- wards, Commissioners, and was merely a treatise of peace and friendship on the part of these Indians toward the United States at the close of the war of 1812. In this the treaty of 1804 was re-affirmed, and the Sacs here repre- sented promised for themselves and their bands to keep entirely separate from the Sacs of Rook river, who, under Black Hawk, had joined the British in the war just then closed. It does not appear that any fort was erected in this territory prior to the erection of Fort Atkinson on the Neu- tral Ground in 184U-'41. Harris, Commissioner of Indian Afl Eairs, and the confederate tribes of Sacs and Foxes, ratified February 21, 1838, wherein another slice of the soil of Iowa was ob- tained, described in the treaty as follows: "A tract of country containing 1,250,000 acres, lying west and adjoining the tract conveyed by them to the United States in the treaty of September 21, 1832. — At the same date as the above treaty, in the city of Washington, Carey A.