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For more insight I recommend to visit Casa Buonaparte (7€) – the very house where Napoleon was born in 1769.

Yes, it is 4-6 hours on the boat (opt for the smaller one – you will see more and closer) and all the commentary is in French, but no words needed to gasp at the islets and granite rock mass peppered with hidden caves, crevices and occasional goats – almost every bit of the sea and landscape, that will appear within your eyesight, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.

Spoiler: Homer’s Odysseus landed in Corsica on his way from Ithaca.

The story of the big Corsican family is narrated by Napoleon’s old nanny and the tour does not take more than an hour. Ajaccio heaps your plate with the local delicacies and it really helps if you are not restricted by paleo/vegan/pegan diet.

Be ready to see a lot of chairs, really a lot of chairs, as Napoleon’s mother – Letizia Ramolino – had a thing for furniture. Try local charcuterie, game, fish, honey, goat cheese (, Corsican nougat, olives, Corsican peaches and cherries and the salty pastries with chard that every old lady in the market sells.

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