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This is unless you live in a place that is a fashion capital where would be models flock in abundance.As far as I have seen on these sites the men seem to be more often of greater physical attractiveness. Other trends I have notice are the more attractive women are bi or at least claim to be.They repond to fewer messages because they get so many messages. These hot men then pick from the women who responded to them who they will date. Everyone: Male female straight or queer who uses online dating is in some sense socially unskilled.(Remember in my scenario the hot men still have to send perhaps 4 -5 messages to get one reply.) In my experience, the only difference is that the women never choose the men, and the men who do contact them get rejected every time. if a guy contacts "her" on an OLDS, the chances are about 6 to one he's contacting a phantom profile cooked up by a ghostwriter. For if those of us who used it were socially skilled our real life, real world social networks would have produced a mate.Too many women for my taste have photos with men who should be their boyfriends and I am not getting a very strong gay friend vibe.Too many women seem to be very into the party/club scene or adventure oriented lifestyles.

They would make an effort to introduce people they would make an effort to fix people up. Picking a life mate is no easy matter, so I'm not sure why "picky" is bad.I mean, I'm allowed to be picky about a job I'll take for a couple years but not the man I marry? Men - They are reasonably good looking, but have no luck in the real world due to women being too picky. They have good social skills, but are passed over for the hot players who have no social skills.They're too picky to date the average guys on their level, and instead go after the guys that I totally disagree.Our real life networks of friends, relatives, coworkers, acquaintances etc should have been able to help find us someone. Although, I think some people use online dating (especially the free sites) to augment their social lives in a more targeted fashion.These types of people though do not typically take online dating very serious.

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They're too picky to date the average guys on their level, and instead go after the guys that This is not my experience with online dating at all.

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