Wii updating do not turn the power off ville valo is dating

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Wii updating do not turn the power off

The system wasn’t responding to any Wii Remote input or even to a normal press of the power button.I finally bit the bullet: it was time to hold the power button down to perform a hard reset.Refer to the Wii Operations Manual for details.” At this point, I had one thought—I was totally screwed.The Wii Transfer Tool warned me a dozen times not to turn off the system or remove the SD card during the transfer process. Or perhaps Nintendo’s servers already registered my transfer attempt and would prevent me from again.Then, with Step 2 of the above process roughly 33 percent done, the screen suddenly went black.

The transfer process started up again without a hitch.The rep then e-mailed me a printable shipping slip and said I had 14 months to use it.I would be charged (plus Pennsylvania sales tax) only when the system was repaired and ready to be sent back—one to two weeks after Nintendo receives it. Thanks to aging hardware and a strict DRM system, I have a choice to make.The collection is worth about 0 by my estimates.Most of these games are backed up on that same SD card (since they wouldn’t all fit on the Wii system memory), but Nintendo’s copy protection ties their license data exclusively to the Wii system on which they were originally downloaded.

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Then I could finally remove the old console itself from my entertainment center. Nintendo’s over-zealous DRM scheme, combined with a malfunction in my launch-era Wii hardware, instead trapped my purchases on the Wii.

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