Why am i dating a loser sex dating in west andover massachusetts

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Why am i dating a loser

I used to be the most upbeat person you could meet.people-- relax.

you have much to live for-- if you can just help some one else. no matter how much education, or how thin or attractive you are, nothing matters unless you can help someone else. so go serve someone else, and you will realize that you have purpose... So lets see what makes you a loser: You say that..."I was not good in school"I don't think anyone was ever good at school.

I am 43 years old,ugly fat, I have no purpose in life I tried going back to college but failed at that was in a car wreck and I am in pain all the time. If your not rich, good looking, or super genius smart, your a fucking tool and a drain on the world...thinking about eating a bullet myself...you in the afterlife...though I doubt there is one....

I am alone, even though I am still living with my wife who told me a few months ago that after 25 years of marriage she wanted to get divorced and won't even talk to me.I used to accuse her of cheating on me but she wasn't.This was after I had spent 3 months in a crisis center in a local hospital after I half assed try to kill myself.something is not right, please go check it out as I am unable to fix it myself.So, I sincerely hope you able to have it checked out and that it is nothing serious."I have no meaning to live anymore"Okay this one should be at the end it more like a closing but because you choose not to put it at the end and it would be a inner choice, hints to me that you actually want to live, in fact you want to live your life and not the next persons or how society wants you to live it.

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Then use that as a starting point in BUILDING friendships that LAST as friends are not really forever, but in general people have about 5 (and thats a high number) friends who stick together for a long time."My marriage was a joke"No, it was an eye opener:) You were treated like sh*** but hey half the men/women in the world are treated like that. So have a heart, more women are treated like sh*** than men in a marriage.