Who is taio cruz dating

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Who is taio cruz dating

Following a few more singles, "Moving On" and "Come on Girl," the latter of which hit the Top Five, Cruz made his full-length album debut in 2008 with Departure.

Entirely written and produced by the singer/songwriter himself, Departure spawned another two singles, "I Can Be" and "She's Like a Star," and earned favorable reviews.

I don't always look for the greatest lyrical content, just get to the point, express the feeling in a way the audience can understand.

The melody is like the good looks of the person and the lyrics are the personality.

The first time you hear it you get the melody and you're not really listening to what they are saying."Despite his lack of interest in content, he gets excited about context.

"The sentiment - 'When the sun shines, we shine together' - is something any girlfriend or boyfriend would want to hear.Cruz is clearly a talented multi-instrumentalist with a great grasp of modern production techniques and a strong sense of song structure, but (perhaps reflecting his background) there is something disconcertingly pragmatic about his approach to music."Sometimes I hear Pharrell talking about, 'We're gonna go in the studio and we're gonna carve away at oblivion and try and pull a song out of the ether and transcend it through time and space.' I'm like, 'Let's just make a good song.'"In any industry there are formulas to work with.His songwriting career got off to a quick start when he was signed to a publishing deal at age 19 and credited with co-writing Pop Idol winner Will Young's 2004 Top Five hit single "Your Game," the recipient of the 2005 Brit Award for Best British Single.In the wake of this success, Cruz made his debut as a solo artist in 2006 with the Top 30 single "I Just Wanna Know." Initially released by his own label, Rokstarr Music London (later renamed Rokstarr Entertainment Division), the song earned him a major-label recording contract with Island Records.

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It's keys, drums and bass with steel stringed guitar, chorus tremelo and all the same distorted effects."R&B and hip hop are more experimental, coming out of sample culture, using random sounds from different pieces of music.

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