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Over the past year, Gillian and David have become much more public about their relationship.

It hasn't happened." Duchovny went on to explain the circumstances surrounding his and Anderson's on-stage kiss in New York last week.

People who were there also said David said ‘I love you’ during the song “Helpless” to Gillian as he grabbed her neck.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have gone to ridiculously careful lengths over the years to hide their relationship, even after David and his longtime wife Tea Leoni divorced in 2014.

That was there, I think, from the very beginning.”Despite the on-screen duo being close now, however, it hasn't always been that way.

He explained: "At times we were nuts with one another, where she [Anderson] was acting crazy or I was acting crazy, or we were both acting crazy."But the thing about being crazy is you don't know you're crazy.

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Despite people no doubt wanting to read more into their closeness over the years, Gillian insists that "there's nothing to it". Gillian went on to say of their relationship: “From a bird’s eye view, now, it looks quite sweet. At the height of The X-Files' success during the 90s, both actors became household names which caused turmoil between the two leading stars.