White women resentment of east asian women dating white men online dating sites video chat

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This almost inborn hatred that many WM and AF have towards Asian men and AMWF couples is almost incomparable!You almost never see Asian men and White women hold this much negative feelings and commit such terrible deeds. In fact, the amount of hate and harassment that WMAF have inflicted against AMWF makes it almost one-sided.What are some of your personal encounters with Asian women in regards to your AMWF relationships? Unfortunately, I've had my fair share of not-so-pleasant reactions from Asian women when it came to my AMWF relationships, not only in real life but online as well! Have some Asian women even try to sabotage your AMWF relationships?

It’s just sickening the effort that some of them go through to sabotage AMWF relationships as if an Asian man and White woman being happy together represents a major threat to their well-being.

It would be impossible for me to hate Asian women without hating my own mother, family members, close friends and other Asian women who mean a lot to me.

I may have a natural preference and attraction to White women, but I'm not a self-hating individual like a lot of these self-hating Asian women or these White male racists who fetishize Asian women to no end. Although I swear there was a Japanese woman in my grad program who may have had a thing for my husband and therefore often gave me a bit of the cold shoulder.

Quite recently, I've had some crazy and possibly mentally-ill Asian girl harass me and several Asian guys for being supporters of AMWF relationships.

I don't want to go too deep in the details since I don't want to bring myself down to her level (plus she and a lot of these anti-AMWF trolls stalk AMWF sub reddits like this) but she created all these fake accounts and sent me all these despicable anti-AMWF posts and even accused me of being this other user using fake proof in order to defame me.

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