What kind of dating games do girls play

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What kind of dating games do girls play

Every time he comes back into your life, he has his own reasons.Sometimes, its work, sometimes, his friends keep him busy, and then there are always some duties that he is expected to do at home.The contact may become lesser and lesser, until one day, when there will be nothing left with you but memories.So, you and your boyfriend have a strange relationship.He will tell you to go to the gym just like her, become smart like she is, how attractive she is, etc.

He will say that you mean the world to him, and will wonder why you hadn't met him earlier.There will be butterflies in your stomach, stolen kisses, late-night texts and talks. Then you will take the relationship to the next level.You may even find surprise flowers and chocolates delivered at your doorstep. This excitement will continue for a month, and after reaching the 'break-even point', he will say that he wants to take things slow.You wait for his call or message, but it is as if he has vanished into thin air.You see that he is active on Facebook, but still not replying to your messages.

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The whole evening passed by, and he didn't even pay you a single compliment.

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