What is dating like in the middle east

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What is dating like in the middle east

) Much of the region either forcibly or voluntarily converted to Islam in the 7th and 8th centuries.

In the Middle Ages, the European Crusades attempted, brutally, repeatedly but ultimately unsuccessfully, to restore Christian hegemony over the region.

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Israel’s Christians are a mixture of native-born Arabs and immigrants, including some Christian Zionists.

The Israeli government claims 144,000 Israelis are Christians, including 117,000 Palestinian Arabs and several thousand Ethiopian and Russian Christians who migrated to Israel, with Ethiopian and Russian Jews, during the 1990s.

” Christians have been in Iraq since the 2nd century—mostly Chaldeans, whose Catholicism remains deeply influenced by ancient, eastern rites, and Assyrians, who are not Catholic.

Nevertheless, the irony, for Iraq's Christians, is that on balance they were far better off under Saddam Hussein than since his downfall.

As Andrew Lee Butters writes in Time, "About 5 or 6 percent of Iraq's population in the 1970's were Christian, and some of Saddam Hussein's most prominent officials, including Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz were Christians.

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But since the American invasion of Iraq, Christians have fled in droves, and constitute less than one percent of the population." As elsewhere in the Middle East, the number of Jordan’s Christians has been declining.

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