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It's very difficult to write so many characters and have them all be individuals, especially, young children.

So, my big concern was whether they'd find six young actors talented enough to play the kids, but fortunately we did find great young actors that everybody fell in love with and I think audiences have been falling in love with them too.

In fact, they were so good that I thought, ' Well, I better stop worrying about them and mind my own business and make sure I'm at, at their level,' you know?

It's a sensitive performance that had them weeping in the aisles of Park City, Utah, where the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival around this time last year, and that Mortensen has doggedly promoted and campaigned for for throughout the year, an effort that culminated in the film's only Academy Award nomination despite its critical acclaim and long-ago release date.

If I'd read and for whatever reason had not been available, I still would've been anxious to see the movie.

It's a complete artistic universe, telling stories in the movies and I like actors.

' They go, ' Well, you can come in and audition if you like...bring two pieces.' And I said, ' Two pieces of what? I had a box of Good & Plenty, and I shook it in her ear, and she turns around, and I try to pick her up, and she runs out of the theater, crying, horrified, and [laughter] I'm sitting there in my sailor whites going, ' Oh, well. I get on the set and Woody Allen's got his arm around the young actor that I'm supposed to play the scene with, and he's whispering stuff in his ear, and the actor's nodding and smiling. ' He goes, ' You just react.' The actor comes strolling over to me with a big smile on his face, and he goes, ' So what's it like to work with for Cecil B. ' And I said, ' I don't know, it was a long day. He told my agent the next day he really liked it, and so that, like the other movie, I told my family, ' Yeah, the movie's coming.' And they all went, and of course, just like the other one, I wasn't even in the credits, so…that was my start, and there were many, many experiences like that, many, many auditions that I got very close to getting the part, but didn't. It must have meant something in terms of actor to actor, no? I don't think there's anyone who's done three movies with him. is the first one I did with him and he just offered me the part and I really hit it off with him.

' ' Two monologues.' I had no idea really what they were looking for, so I think I cobbled together something from an Isak Dinesen short story and then I sang an Irish song. ' And they said, ' There is no play, but you can come back, and you can go to class,' so that's how I started. Some, some you win, some you lose,' but when I saw the movie, she was sitting by herself, so I guess they didn't like it. And then Woody goes, ' Okay, let's, um, let's roll one. It's like you're up on this sort of big post and you have your arms like that, and I had this itchy beard, and I was in this diaper, and these like Roman soldiers were poking me with a stick, and I don't know what the hell I was doing, and anyway, it was a long day, but I guess it was all right.' Like the actor's so stupid, he doesn't even know he's playing Jesus. I learned by making mistakes, which is probably the best way. I think we have a similar sense of humor and a similar way of researching a story that's for the movies and we're able to communicate with very few words, and that's helpful. Matt Ross wrote the script without anybody in mind.

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