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Vegetarian dating nyc

If you had to put one name to the vegetarian restaurant culture of NYC, it might be Matthew Kenney.

The celebrity chef now has over five vegetarian restaurants in New York City alone.

The plant-based café and juice bar calls itself a "vegetable slaughterhouse," and is the ideal spot to grab an early breakfast with your vegetarian friends.

Forget the fact that I'm wolfing down a chicken enchilada from Fonda at the time of writing this article—I've had my fair share of NYC vegetarian food.

In fact, I was vegetarian for five years before coming to the realization that I didn't have enough self-control to say no to pass on the occasional medium-rare burger or my mom's Sunday roasted chicken.

The cheery décor and atmosphere might even make you forget that the cheese on your tacos isn't, in fact, cheese at all.

Have you ever gone out to eat and been sorely disappointed to see the only vegetarian option on the menu is a bland, unimaginative salad?

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The Big Apple is one of the best places to go meatless.

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