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Validating a vision system

A service is also, simply put, an act of help or assistance.In a more formal sense: Services are activities that cause a transformation of the state of an entity (people, product, business, and region or nation) by mutually agreed terms between the service provider and the customer.

(ISO/IEC/IEEE, 2015, section 6.4.2) (1b) The System Requirement Definition process creates a set of measurable system requirements that specify, from the supplier’s perspective, what characteristics, attributes, and functional and performance requirements the system is to possess, in order to satisfy stakeholder requirements. These actions are planned and carried out throughout the life cycle of the system.(IEEE 1012-2004, 3.1.35) is the confirmation, through the provision of objective evidence, that the requirements for a specific intended use or application have been fulfilled.With a note added in ISO 9005: validation is the set of activities that ensure and provide confidence that a system is able to accomplish its intended use, goals, and objectives (i.e., meet stakeholder requirements) in the intended operational environment (ISO 2005).The primary goal of (1) Interdisciplinary approach governing the total technical and managerial effort required to transform a set of customer needs, expectations, and constraints into a solution and to support that solution throughout its life.(ISO/IEC/IEEE 2010) (2) An interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems.

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The people and organizational aspects of the “whole system” of which the “product system” forms a part have to be considered in the design, but are provided by another organization.

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