Usps priority tracking not updating dating field ottawa

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So far it is still on "departed facility on 3/17/16". 99% of the time, the package hasn't been lost, and is in fact delivered on time even when the tracking says it hasn't been.I sent the buyer a message 2 days ago (3/22/16) thru Etsy asking if they received the item, but no response. Makes you wonder why you pay for tracking with USPS, doesn't it?People are telling you to wait until your customer contacts you but I think that is the wrong way to go about it. If the customer has to come to you to ask "hey where is my package? For you to contact them and let them know you're working on it then it can cultivate a positive feeling.Part of having a small business, especially one that has a lot of competition, is having stellar customer service. I had this same package issue that was a week late.

The most prominent location that is incorporated for USPS tracking is Diplomatic Post Offices (DPO), Fleet Post Offices (FPOs), Army Post Offices (APOs) and other zip code areas of United States of America.

I shipped an item on 3/16/16 and it went to the closest main facility on 3/17/16, then says departed facility on the same day 3/17/16.

The item should have arrived at its location on 3/18/16 (estimated).

This shows that the exact location of your deliverable item is not known or still the same.

When you are not getting any latest update regarding your item tracking then the first thing that you must monitor is your allotted tracking number.

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First-class mail that is not regional is flown by Fed EX in the same manner Priority Mail is.