Universal geneve movement dating

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Universal geneve movement dating

The watch I show is one case type the other is all stainless. A pitty the seal of Wilhelmina is missing from the dial but still a nice watch.

It's Universal Geneve who supplied me with the information and they would classify it as rare. It would be worth finding a proper minute hand and rechroming the case.

Measures 30mm obviously the case could do with some work with stainless steel back and base metal uppers. What is your opinion regarding case restoration yes,or no.

Thanks According to Universal it is a military watch and is certainly identical to the watch you mention.

Internally, the case back is highly decorated with an engine turned pearled pattern and stamped “Universal Geneve”, together with the company’s early shield emblem.

Below this is stated “Enversteel”, Universal’s tradename for the particular alloy of stainless steel that it favoured.

In the 1930s and ‘40s, Universal was regarded as every bit the equal of Rolex, Jaeger Le Coultre, Omega and the other top tier houses, but largely because the current models by this brand have a low market profile and are not heavily advertised, today good vintage Universal watches can still be bought for substantially less than their equivalents by other better known firms.

We defy anybody to find any aspect of this piece that is of a lower quality than a similarly specified Rolex from the same period yet it can be purchased for roughly a third of the amount needed to secure its better-known counterpart.

Dating of the RA number corroborates dating on the watch itself as the RA number post dates World War I, and adds a unique and charming bit of provenance to an exemplary piece. These pieces are currently undervalued, but have been rapidly appreciating with recent coverage by Hodinkee and other vintage watch publications.

With its long stretched rectangular case and the most beautiful stylised lugs imaginable, this 1937 gentleman’s vintage Universal is the epitome of the art deco look that dominated Swiss watch production the late inter-war period.

However, its appeal is far more than skin deep, and the quality of its case, dial and movement is first rate throughout.

Correct Company Signatures on the Dial, Case and Movement.

Serviced and comes with a 1 year mechanical warranty.

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Pieces like this represent the upper echelon of preservation and condition and are considered investment quality watches.