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So, another temporary solution would be to ensure the depth of the elevation view touches or cuts through building geometry.

However, I haven't had a chance for successful testing to ensure this is the case.

Like Steve S., I too am on WU2, so I'm curious if others are experiencing this under WU1 or if on WU2, if you can verify that cutting geometry ensures the tags update correctly.

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You can put in your Blog/Website URL and twitterfeed will automatically extract your RSS feed URL from your blog or website.

The address/URL of the feed will vary, depending on the blogging platform used, sbut you can select from multiple formats of feeds, ‘RSS 2.0’ or ‘Atom format’ are the most likely to work with twitterfeed.

Choose blogs that do not post too often – once a day or less works well.

The company is based in the London, United Kingdom. operates as a subsidiary of Bitly, Inc." (Bloomberg Business Week listings). Twitterfeed currently has no publicly disclosed revenue source." (Wiley and Sons) Creating and Updating Step through the guided set-up process and newly created feeds should start posting within an hour.

Possible Options: Buffer,, Zapier, IFTTT, Post RSS,, Swift Social, Engator,, Networked blogs, engator, Social, Hootsuite? Used prudently, tools like Twitter Feed can be of great benefit to businesses wishing to expand their Social Networking activities because they ensure you Tweet consistently – even if you are busy in your business, away on vacation or unable to be active for personal reaons. If you have long gaps when Tweeting you will start to lose Twitter followers, especially among those saavy enough to know about tools that search for inactive Twitter users by the amount of time since their last Tweet.

We recommend identifying blogs that are of consistently high quality that are always on topic and using Twitter Feed to have their new content immediately sent to your Twitter account.

Read more about why she also does this and some pros and cons in her post about using Twitter Feed to feed blog posts to Twitter. Here are my stats and I have only put about half in from your feed account so far.

I shared the list of quality blogs I have in my Twitter Feed account in this new post Top Marketing Blogs on Grow Map reading list because Twitter no longer displays the source of your tweets so my followers could not determine what blogs I was feeding.

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twitterfeed's service is intended to augment, supplement or enhance the services provided by Twitter (...