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Truther dating website

Others described it less charitably as a meat market where A-listers and models were outnumbered by trust-fund try-hards and “quote-unquote photographers.”“It felt nice to be accepted,” said Terence Telle, a model in New York who joined Raya last year. Telle said, women often accused him of being an impostor using fake photos to get dates.

Their suspicion may have stemmed from his eight-pack abs and frankly ridiculous jaw line.

Gendelman, a self-described introvert, has chosen to stay quiet.

For years, he avoided publicly identifying himself, even hiding his job from some friends and family.

Stassi Schroeder, a star of “Vanderpump Rules,” has said that she was banned from the app for publicly discussing her match with the Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. But Raya may be the first app that has successfully created an atmosphere of intimacy and trust while revealing almost nothing about itself.

About 8 percent of applicants are accepted, making Raya a slightly harder nut to crack than Harvard Business School.Flat-earthers are people who do not believe that the Earth is a sphere and that photographs of the planet taken from space are a hoax.The founder of the closed Facebook group, John Perri, said: “Over the past several months, flat earth has not only opened my eyes to truth, but has liberated my mind with a new vision.“It is a journey, a discovery and a revealing of what has been hidden.”Members of the flat-earth match-making group come from all over the world - including the US, the Philippines, Uganda, Australia, Germany, Canada, Ecuador, Brazil and even the UK.You are only allowed to join if you believe the Earth is flat and if you introduce yourself within two days of being added - this is due to spammers and trolls targeting the group.Mr Perri said: “We are a family and growing community of believers united together under the banner of truth as we are bonded by the same commonality.“We are a safe and fun zone for the like-minded to potentially meet the love of your life, to grow in knowledge and to establish and strengthen new friendships.”The community share links and videos to subjects around the flat-earth theory and discuss it between them.

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“I matched with a lot of models, and even one celebrity.”Céline Bossart, 26, a freelance wine and spirits journalist, said that during the time she used Raya actively — she now has a boyfriend — the app lived up to its reputation for civility.“People are a little better behaved, and more classy” than on apps like Tinder and Bumble, she said.