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Consult your owner's manual for other warnings or advice related to your specific vehicle.I own a 2000 Chev Silverado 1500 Z71 4x4 with 11302 original miles. If your tires have been stored away from heat and UV sources they may still be in very good condition.B: 50 kph 31 mph C: 60 kph 37 mph D: 65 kph 40 mph E: 70 kph 43 mph F: 80 kph 50 mph G: 90 kph 56 mph J: 100 kph 62 mph K: 110 kph 68 mph L: 120 kph 75 mph M: 130 kph 81 mph N: 140 kph 87 mph P: 150 kph 93 mph Q: 160 kph 99 mph R: 170 kph 106 mph S: 180 kph 112 mph T: 190 kph 118 mph U: 200 kph 124 mph H: 210 kph 130 mph V: 240 kph 149 mph After V, all ratings begin with ZR and end with either W, Y or (Y).There is probably some entirely rational reason for this which completely escapes everyone else in the entire world.How many times do you think you might even reach 112 miles per hour on snow tires?

The “official line” that tire sellers generally get is, “Don't ever put on a lower speed rating than what was already on the car.” This, although good advice in general, has to be balanced against the car manufacturers' predilection for putting increasingly over-rated tires onto new cars.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration mandates that every tire manufacturer register with the U. government prior to selling tires in the United States.

The tire manufacturer is then assigned a tire plant code that forms the first two digits of the DOT code.

For our guide on locating a tire’s DOT code, click here.

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