The art of dating tommy nelson

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The art of dating tommy nelson

Used and loved throughout the world, the Song of Solomon series teaches the Biblical design for relationships.

For both singles and married couples, this exegetical study follows Solomon's relationship from attraction to dating and courtship, marriage and intimacy to resolving conflict, keeping romance alive, and committing to the end.

Session 3 – The Art of Courtship, Part 1 (32 minutes) — Song of Solomon 2:8-14 – Courtship is the beginning of sacrifice and commitment between two people.

, through the Internet (as of the writing of this post), they’re offering to rent each lesson online for 30 days for only .59.

(The series used to go for 9.95 and ,99 per rental – so, it’s even a better deal since it was still worth it at those prices! set aside a couple hours each week for twelve weeks to go through this series (you should also consider doing it as a group with others). Session 1: The Art of Attraction (32 minutes) — Song of Solomon 1:1-7 – The Art of Attraction is the beginning of romance.

The three videos below give a brief preview of each lesson (four lessons per video below).

Song of Solomon – Chapters 7-8 – The Art of Deepening Review of the Love Song: Chapters 1-2 – The Courtship Chapters 3-4 – The Honeymoon Chapters 5-6 – The Conflict The world’s view is that you get married in this passionate attraction.

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There are two questions each person should ask: “What kind of person am I attracted to? ” Session 2: The Art of Dating (36 minutes) — Song of Solomon 1:8-17, 2:1-7 – Once a person is attracted to someone, the dating process begins.

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