The 7 least intimidating mma nicknames

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The 7 least intimidating mma nicknames

There’s an odd trend among Brazilian fighters that they have a nickname that sounds intriguing in the native Portuguese, but is quite mundane when translated to English. #13: “Cro Cop” Not as much a nickname as a statement of fact, but it’s only one small piece of the incredible life story of Mirko Filipovic.

“Cro Cop” is short for Croatian cop, which Filipovic was when he started his kickboxing career.

During the Olympic trials’ finals, Lindland lost to Keith Sieracki, but Lindland protested that Sieracki tripped him, which is illegal in Greco-Roman wrestling.Here are the top 20 nicknames in UFC history and the fighters forever tied to them.#20: “Touchy” With a last name like his, what else would be the nickname?“Jacare”, the fighter, is an exceptional BJJ blackbelt of the highest caliber and the middleweight is becoming a scary striker. The imagery for “Jacare” is great and accurate as well.“Jacare”, the nickname, is fun to say and is pretty cool when translated. You don’t want to let an alligator to get a hold of you because they’ll pull you under water, death roll you, and you’re done. The former Strikeforce middleweight champ with 14 wins by submission and countless BJJ titles will probably do worse to you than an alligator.

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“Touchy” took the featherweight bout on about a week’s notice while preparing for a local fight where he would compete at welterweight.

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