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T a b o o chat

Of course we realize we are in college and we're going to have fun. The other part is taking care of business: getting good grades and trying to graduate so that you can get a good job.Therefore, in my sorority, we believe that it's important to help each other prepare for the other part of what college is about and that's succeeding in and out of college.And by the way, just because someone uses the word '****' or '***', doesn't mean that, a.) they are trying to insult you b.) they are a bad person c.) their views should be ignored.You may not like those words, but ***damn, that's the beauty of free speech. No, it's not some ****** non-social fraternity, like the "band fraternity," or the "fraternity for management majors" or the "fraternity for married and/or divorced people" or the "fraternity for people with a cat" or the "fraternity for people who learned to tie their shoes before age 7." It's a national, social, collegiate fraternity.Joe, I don't know what kind of fraternity you're in but in MY sorority, we treat our process like business.From the time a girl is pinned in our sorority until the time she becomes an official member and after, everything is treated as business.Sure we have our fun moments, but when it comes to learning about our sorority, it is business. My sisters and I do not take giving away our traditions, etc like it is just random a** info.Therefore, it is very important that the women we select will be able to handle dealing w/ our business.

It is “written by God upon the face of nature” These groups are open to all and afford an opportunity to interact with those who share a common spiritual teaching and practice. Its aim is to impress symbolism more effectively upon the aspirants' psyches through dramatic enactment, bringing the static images of the B. A.) is a school of the Western mystery tradition based in Los Angeles which is registered as a non-profit tax-exempt religious organization. It also holds a variety of ritual services and study groups, some open to the public. The order flourished and expanded to Europe and Australia. teaches by correspondence, covering esoteric psychology, occult tarot, Hermetic Qabalah, astrology, and meditation techniques. Those two things have nothing to do with each other. No, I don't post rituals because I didn't get bids at those houses. No, I don't give a **** about everyone else's ritual.I can look for hardworking brothers, and at the same time, point out that you are trying to vainly relive your glory days vicariously through undergraduates. [This message has been edited by Pnguin Trax (edited October 04, 2000).] Why must people be so nasty? Joenobody you have been rude but then you wonder why people have a negative reaction to you.

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