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The meeting was addressed by the National Director of Changing Attitude, The Rev’d Colin Coward, who urged attendees to “challenge the hostility gay people face in some churches.” The organisation describes itself as “dedicated to telling the truth about Christian teaching on homosexuality and to working for the full inclusion of LGBT people in the church.” The Sussex group is set to create a dossier entitled ‘Which Church?

’ which will categorise churches in the area based on how gay-friendly they are.

We need to start questioning the knowledge we are given and make sure that those that question this knowledge are not silenced.”Sussex Decolonising Education Week is a series of events to learn about the meaning of Decolonization as it applies to the world today, and to discover how students can make changes at the University and in their personal outlook, in order to decolonize their minds.

Post-Graduate Education Officer, Rose Taylor praised the work of Undergraduate Education Officer-elect Savannah Sevenzo and others in putting on such an informative week of events, and expressed her hope for Sussex to be at the forefront of the decolonising education movement. Freya also works on a radio show for Platform B, "Off the Fence", and has freelanced for local newspapers.

On this Akala said: “If you never know or are never taught your own cultural history, you are put at a disadvantage against those who do, as you are not able to correctly position yourself in history, often leading to misrepresentation of your heritage”.

Akala believes that reclaiming the counter-narrative of history, and ‘decolonising’ the perspective from which we are taught, can go a long way to combatting the existing prejudices in society, primarily racial prejudices. Society founder Neelam Rai said “This event, as part of Sussex Decolonising Education Week is the start of a new conversation to show that there are alternative knowledges out there.”“Someone in the audience asked how are they supposed to know about the other narratives besides the ones that we are taught, and this event is the start of that.

Our network is also open to dog lovers without a dog.

’ dossier will give them the information they need to make an informed choice.” The group has received hostile reviews from some church leaders, including the Bishop of Lewes, Wallace Benn.We plan to meet up in all sorts of places for social events and exercise with our furry friends.The main aim of our Community of dog lovers is for Members to support each other - through the provision of a wide range of social walks and networking events, information resources, education and training events and practical assistance from Member volunteers.Maybe you want to know more about different types of dogs and what's involved in having one in your family before you commit.You're welcome to join us, but don't be surprised if you find yourself covered in hairs and mud, and end up carrying a dog poo bag.

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A newly established gay Christian group, Changing Attitude Sussex, is aiming to make churches in the local community more gay-friendly.

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