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It found that instant messaging is the most common activity, done to "hang out" with friends and relieve boredom.

The students also spend 31.4 minutes per day, on average, visiting Web sites, mostly to download music.

Greenfield studied the topic at ground-level, entering a chat room targeted at teens."The sexuality expressed in a teen chat room was public, linked to strangers and had nothing to do with relationships," Greenfield said.

"It was very explicit and focused on physical acts, and often associated with the degradation of women.

"They were referring to various forms of sex, all in code, without using words about sex.

The coded sexual allusions were still devoid of feelings and relationships."If a parent enters the physical room, a child might type "POS" (parent over shoulder) to explain temporary quietude or absence from the virtual chat room, said co-researcher Kaveri Subrahmanyam.

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Teenagers are often inadvertently exposed to porn when they conduct unrelated Web searches, said Patricia Greenfield, a psychology professor and director of UCLA's Children's Digital Media Center.That figure is probably higher today, Greenfield said. Greenfield recommends keeping lines of communication open with children, and surfing the Internet with young children.And in particular, boys at risk for aggressive, antisocial behavior should have access to pornography strictly limited, Greenfield said."Without supervision, the risks far outweigh the potential benefits of unsupervised Internet use for young children," she said."By late childhood, it has become very difficult to avoid highly sexualized material that is intended for an adult audience."The results show of this and other studies released Wednesday how teen Internet use has evolved quickly, said Amy Sussman, National Science Foundation (NSF) program officer."They illustrate both the dangers and opportunities on the Web, as well as debunk popularly held but incorrect notions about teen Internet use," Sussman said."The guidelines based on the research should be helpful to parents and policy-makers alike."Hiding from parents The teen chat room participants talked about sex "a lot of the time," Greenfield said.

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