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Sex dating in catlettsburg kentucky

Even handker- chiefs were woven from the flax, and served on many occasions as wedding-gear.

The author ignores that method in his book, and chooses to follow fam- ilies and single individuals from their entrance into the Sandy Valley to ' the end of their career, and tell what they have added to the history of the country.Honey was almost as plentiful as sorghum is to-day ; and every Spring they made of maple- sugar and treacle enough to run them through the season. The skins of the bear, the deer, buifalo, and other fur-bearing animals, aiforded a revenue of wonderful proportions, and when the reader takes into account the vast sum added by the countless wolf-scalps at five dollars apiece, and the ginseng crop, he feels that his ancestors were engaged in a more lucrative business than saw-logging.As to clothes, the thrifty housewife worked up the flax and cotton raised by the men, and prepared it for clothing for the family, and coverings for the beds, as well as table-cloths and towels.Christian progress and esthetic taste bid fair to raise the people of the valley to a higher plane than 10 INTRODUCTION. The somewhat isolated location has kept the valley ex- empt from the grosser vices of the age. The Leslies returned in 1791, but instead of stopping at Pond, they went on to John's Creek, and formed what to this day is known as the Leslie Settlement.The Leslies must have been the earliest permanent settlers in the Sandy Valley, yet immediately after their coming, the Damrons, the Auxiers, the Browns, of Johnson ; the Marcums, on Mill Creek ; the Hammonds, the Weddingtons, the Pinsons, Justices, Walkers, Morgans, Grahams, 11 12 THE BIG SANDY VALLEY.

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When the wolves became less troublesome, sheep were raised, and supplied the people with another article of clothing, both for man and woman. 9 wheel, a reel, and a loom, and the wholesome dam- sels of that day knew well how to use them ; while the mother spun the flax and wool into thread, the old grandmother knitting the hosiery for the family, and the little girls filling the quills. House-raisings, log-rollings, corn-husk- ings, were engaged in by the men ; wool-pickings quiltings, and flax-pu Uings by the women ; the latter participated in by the beaus and lasses. That handy little imp, the modern pistol, was almost unknown then.

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