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In the legal world, there is enticed, and there is entrapped, and few defendants can support their claims of entrapment.

Police officers are allowed to entice a person who is “disposed to commit a crime” to…commit the crime, and this is different from entrapment.

Consider the following The average defendant in an Internet sex sting is male (99 percent), white (92 percent) and is most often older than 25 (86 percent).

Less than ten percent of those arrested in undercover Internet sex sting operations had a prior arrest for any type of sexual offense against a minor, and these men rarely lie about their age, or even who they are and what they do.

The GOP nominations for governor and attorney general are at stake. And, one of the state's master musicmakers, Paul Overstreet, is set for induction in the Mississippi Songwriters Hall of Fame.

While Kim hasn't spoken out on the matter just yet, Young confirmed his involvement in March.

He issued a statement to apologize for his actions and was arrested on March 21."I admit to having committed all the wrongs that have been reported," his statement read on March 12, according to South China Morning Post.

One fan called Kim a "pervert" and "criminal," a second fan deemed the singer's apparent involvement to be "the most disappointing news I've ever heard," a third fan suggested "we really can't trust no one" after Kim was listed as a suspect in the chatroom scandal.

Protesters demand a federal probe of church settlements with two Mississippi men; they alleged sexual abuse at their Catholic grade school.

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