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It will also become an arsenal for independent development and production of arms. Joint Chiefs: Israel should keep Gaza On June 29, 1967, the U. Joint Chiefs of Staff stated in a report to the Secretary of Defense that Israel needed to keep Gaza: "By occupying the Gaza Strip, Israel would trade approximately 45 miles of hostile border for eight.Moreover, this capitulation will be rightly viewed as an unambivalent victory for the Palestinian armed struggle." (Ma'ariv, Feb. Configured as it is, the strip serves as a salient for introduction of Arab subversion and terrorism, and its retention would be to Israel's military advantage." * An Israeli withdrawal means creating a terrorist state in Gaza: The Palestinian Authority regime currently administers parts of Gaza, but does not have sovereignty because of the presence of the Israeli Army.When Palestinian Arabs threatened to slaughter the Jews of Gaza during the 1929 pogroms, the British ruling authorities forced the Jews to leave.But in 1946, the Jews returned, establishing the town of Kfar Darom in the Gaza Strip, which lasted until 1948, when Egypt occupied the area.

* The Jewish presence in Gaza dates back to biblical times: Gaza has been a part of the Land of Israel since biblical times.The terrorists demand, among other things, that Israel withdraw from Gaza and expel the Jewish residents.Terrorists, like all criminals, deserve to be punished for the crimes, not rewarded.The PA has also created an entire culture of glorification of terrorism and anti-Jewish hatred in its official media, schools, summer camps, sermons by PA-appointed clergy, and speeches by PA representatives.PA school textbooks teach that Jews are "evil racists." * Rewarding terrorists is wrong and dangerous: During the past three years, Palestinian Arab terrorists have carried out tens of thousands of terrorist attacks against Israel, murdering nearly 1,000 Israelis and maiming many more.

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Please e-mail your concerns to Prime Minister Sharon and Members of Knesset: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: [email protected] Likud Knesset Members: Yuval Steinitz: [email protected] Sylvan Shalom: [email protected] Omri Sharon: [email protected] Michael Ratzon: [email protected] Ayoub Kara: [email protected] Ruby Rivlin: [email protected] Tzippi Livni: [email protected] Limor Livnat: [email protected] David Levy: [email protected] Uzi Landau: [email protected] Danny Naveh: [email protected] Leah Nass: [email protected] Benyamin Netanyahu: [email protected] Marina Solodkin: [email protected] Gideon Saar: [email protected] Gideon Ezra: [email protected] Tzahi Hanegbi: [email protected] Ehud Yatom: [email protected] Majalli Wahbee: [email protected] Yisrael Katz: [email protected] Haim Katz: [email protected] Moshe Kahlon: [email protected] Abraham Hirschson: [email protected] Yehiel Hazan: [email protected] Michael Gorlovski: [email protected] Eli Aflalo: [email protected] Ruhama Avraham: [email protected] Ronnie Bar-On: [email protected] Daniel Ben-Lulu: [email protected] Naomi Blumenthal: [email protected] Ze'ev Boim: [email protected] Yuli Edelstein: [email protected] Yaakov Edri: [email protected] Mickey Eitan: [email protected] Gilad Erdan: [email protected] Gila Gamliel: [email protected] Inbal Gavrieli: [email protected] Meir Sheetrit: [email protected] Ehud Olmert: [email protected] * Israeli Military Experts Oppose Unilateral Withdrawal: Senior Israeli Army officials have warned Prime Minister Sharon that "If the Palestinians are able to operate a sea port or airport from the Gaza Strip after the Israeli retreat, the Palestinians would be able to import weapons that would threaten Israel's security." Major-General Aharon Zeevi Farkash, chief of Israeli Military Intelligence, told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on February 10 that a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza "will be seen as surrender to terrorism" and "might motivate further terrorism." (Ma'ariv, Feb.