Sedating cats for air travel

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They increase the levels of a neurotransmitter called GABA.

The increased GABA levels help to keep your cat relaxed.

Benadryl can also make it less likely that the motion of the car will cause your cat to vomit.

(Shiro still goes to the back door and calls for Momo.) During the flight Momo meowed a couple of times to let us know he would prefer to be out exploring this new area with lots of interesting smells & sounds.

(My son handled Momo, I had Shiro.) They are now 16.

(Sadly, Momo was accidentally let out the day before I permanently moved to be with them in June 2016.

Xander was born in a house, was raised with people, & has always liked people; we got him when he was 2 years old, he flew when he was 12, he is now 15. Chibi appears to have been born in a house but then was apparently dumped & lived in our neighborhood as a stray for about 5 months and was very afraid of people; it still takes her months to warm up to a new person.

We caught her to take her to our vet because she had a large, festering sore on her tail.

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Shiro & Momo are brothers born to a feral mother; I captured them when they were 4 months old and very wild, hissing & scratching at everyone.

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