Scotish marriage and dating customs

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Now living in Scotland, Taryn was from New York and Neil is of the Bruce clan, as in “Robert the Bruce.” They had two weddings, one in Scotland and one in America.“At the Scotland wedding, Neil wore his kilt and we had a ceilidh dance,” says Taryn.

“At the American wedding our groomsmen wore kilts as well.”Your particular Scottish ancestry will determine the traditions of your ceremony.

After the ceremony, everyone goes to a lavish reception feast, where the bride cuts the first slice of wedding cake.

Then they join in their first dance, which often begins with the bride and groom marching to the sound of bagpipes.

“There are Celtic, Gaelic, and Norman backgrounds that dictate traditions,” says Taryn.

” Scottish wedding traditions date back to the 13th century, when the church would announce a wedding for three successive Sundays in a practice called the “banns of marriage.” The tradition lasted over 600 years, but it’s been replaced by a simple announcement of the upcoming wedding and a trip to get the marriage license.

Anyways, how does the game work with a Scottish guy. Went on one promising date and now am having trouble figuring out if he's not interested or just playing it seems you stirred up the social justice warriors on this one "what do you mean cultural differences, r u a bigot???

" etc, but yes people here are often shy and inhibited, borderline aspergers when it comes to this kind of thing, its often said that without alcohol scots would die out because nobody would reproduce.he'll probably have a good idea your interested but will be pretty shy and wont assume it until you make it very clear, that or he's not interested.

It’s like our bridal shower, and the bride’s friends bring gifts to help her in her new home.

Presents are opened and the bride’s mother serves cakes and tea.

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The bridal couple are either bagpiped down the aisle or traditional Gaelic hymns are played.

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