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Salmoni dating

Two of Bowmanville’s young Bengal Tigers, Ron and Julie, were on their way to Africa.

There they would be habilitated into the wild, to start a breeding population that could serve as a model for conserving tigers in Asia.

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On finishing his studies, Dave was offered a job with the Bowmanville Zoological Park, near Toronto.

Bowmanville is among the world’s biggest humane-accredited providers of highly trained animals.

Would Dave accompany Ron and Julie, and help them adapt to a strange new wilderness? Dave fell in love with the Tigers, and was to devote the next four years to them.

Then, in January 2000, Dave received another life-changing offer.Apart from that one time, Bongo was the safest, most rewarding cat I ever worked with.I suppose he taught me that the safest cat is also the most dangerous. If Bongo can turn on you, any big cat can turn on you.Dave found himself apprenticed to Bowmanville’s founder, legendary animal trainer Michael Hackenberger.“Michael saw the size of me and said I would be good for shoveling a lot of elephant, er, waste,” Dave recalls with a grin.

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While the job did involve some shoveling, Dave soon proved to have an extraordinary talent for training animals of all shapes and sizes.

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