Room in exchange for sex

Posted by / 26-Oct-2020 08:28

Who knew finding an apartment would be so demanding? I was expecting to get into Montreal school, but sadly I didn’t make it, so in January I’ll have to try again.

Some don't allow smoking, some include heating and electricity in the rent price, and others have some pretty bizarre incentives.A BBC journalist, in an undercover sting, exposed the landlords, after they posted advertisements on Craigslist, seeking sexual favours in exchange for a free place to live.The men, both from Bristol, offered to waive rent, cover bills and even pay expenses if they could sleep with a tenant half their age as often as once a week.I want to feel comfortable and at ease, and that I can relax at home.I couldn’t find somewhere decent just searching though ads, so I put up a “wanted” post. I only got one response in the whole month, so that was the only place I went to go and look at.

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It wasn’t great, but because there was nothing else available, I had to move in. I stayed there for a while, and eventually it was obvious that my roommate and I were a bad fit and I needed to find somewhere new.

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