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Flipper and Angie begin a rather tumultuous affair after spending many late nights working together.

When the families of both parties eventually learn of the affair, they react violently and are extremely unsupportive.

Joanna’s parents raised her with liberal values, yet they are still shocked when she wants to marry a black man.

It's also interesting to note that interracial marriage was still illegal in several states in the USA just 6 months before the film’s release in 1967.

Watch the trailer here Image: Scottholleran Another Whoopi flick from the ‘90s, this one sees her playing a black nanny who falls in love with her white boss in the late ‘50s.

Now, after viewing the film (and discussing it incessantly with fellow moviegoers), we know it was all of the above.

Though most of all, it was a film that captured the nuances of interracial dating in a way we’d never seen it before.

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I don’t specifically seek out movies with racially mixed romantic leads.

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