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It's so hard without a drivers license, so many confrences i would like to attend and just cant get to by public transportation.

You guys always find new ways to provide patients and caregivers the ability and so much opportunity for knowledge.

Although this intervention in Guayaquil was quite themed, making the informal settlement look similar to a theme park, it also allowed a local commerce to spring up.

Through education programs and some financial support, the municipality facilitated new commercial spaces and other small businesses in the area…With this comparison, I am not trying to defend Las Peñas- there are also very problematic aspects in this type of intervention- I simply want to point out that the Open Air Museum seems more like a spending than an investment for the favela and its reintegration to the city.

This new treatment forms a path intending to lead tourist to various lookout points and internal nodes, such as churches, a water tower, etc., in the favela.

Although, basic services were installed, the houses, for the great majority, were left untouched.

In addition, the most consolidated areas and potentially the most expensive areas in the informal real estate market of the favela (based on the material of the housing, the provision of basic services, etc.) are all located on the side of the morro that faces the port.

Today the port is unused in its great majority, many of the structures used for large events, such as the UN Urban Forum, which took place at the end of March.

The idea behind Porto Maravilha is to create a type of Puerto Madeiro (Buenos Aires), only it would be around 10 times larger!

Interestingly enough, when asking the person that helped me in the visit, Mauricio Hora, a local photographer to Morro da Providencia, he stated that it is basically impossible to enter the favela if unaccompanied.

That said, the Open Air museum, never opened to the public, and remained as a showcase for the prefeitura to bring its visitors.

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