Relationship advice dating a friend

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Relationship advice dating a friend

If you’re looking for a little guidance when it comes to love, you’ve come to the right place.

The Cheat Sheet spoke with eight top relationship experts to get some of their best advice. The best relationship advice I’ve ever gotten, and that I give, is “easy does it.” Too often we get caught up in fear-based needs to control our partner.

Finding the right person to settle down with can often feel like a very frustrating game of chance.

This advice improved my chances of winning my wife’s hand in marriage. She wanted someone to spend the rest of her life with.

Conveying to her that I loved myself signaled that I could be a pillar of strength and compassion.

My parents advised what they did in their own marriage: “both of you always think about giving 90% to your partner and you both will be very happy.” They meant it’s so important to think about how your partner is feeling, to stand in their shoes, to be giving and compromising, and emotionally generous.

That 10% is for the understanding that sometimes it’s also OK to be a bit selfish, to place your needs first, or stand firm on something.

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You can’t put boundaries on someone else—only yourself.

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