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Personally, I’m not a TORCH fan for the reason that it’s spammed to death with ads, even their homepages both on the TOR network as well as the regular net are brimming with ads and most-annoying of all, these ads are hidden and get clicked unintentionally.

But taking them in the light of “Uncensored search engines” and with a pinch of salt surely does the job and gets you one of the best search engines to stroll around the censored alleys of the Internet.

In fact, a major part of its existence is dedicated to helping you find hidden pages, for e.g.

And it’s not only limited to the .onion websites, anything and everything which isn’t accessible by those traditional browsers can generally be accessed with an uncensored search engine!If you are beginner and first time hearing the term deep web or dark web then this paragraph, only dedicated to you, because you don’t know how to access the below-given Onion URL, then I want to suggest you check out my step by step guide that clear all small or big points that can protect you.Must read: How to access the deep web links If you are already aware about what is deep web or dark web and also know how to access then for your quick review I am suggesting some quick steps before visiting any onion link. They have been around for a long-enough period of time, which also accounts for the fact that they claim to have over a million pages of “censored content”.I’m sure you’ve heard of the Deep Web, the actual mass of the Internet (So, obviously the Deep web can’t be accessed simply by keying-in the search term on Google, nope that won’t help, simply because the content on the Deep web is censored, and Google doesn’t allow such content to be available to users.So, that’s when you’d need an uncensored search engine.

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