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The games pit human, Alien, and Predator characters against one another in various fights for survival.

The settings of the games vary, with most of the stories taking place far in the future.

However, since 2002, some feature films shot with digital cameras or on regular 35mm film stock have undergone IMAX Digital Media Remastering (DMR) processing for showing both in 70mm IMAX theatres and in Digital IMAX theatres. First mainstream film to be shot in 5K and in 48 frames per second. 9 minute preview of Star Trek Into Darkness attached to IMAX Digital prints. The pre-show included a 'Cameras' version of the IMAX countdown. Aspect ratio opened up to 1.90:1 for the entire film.

Several animated titles (Fantasia 2000, Beauty and the Beast, Treasure Planet, The Lion King, Falling in Love Again, Cyber World, Fly Me to the Moon 3D, and Santa vs. The pre-show included a special version of the IMAX countdown. First Hollywood feature film to be entirely shot with Arri Alexa IMAX cameras equipped with Panavision Sphero 65 & Ultra Panavision 70 lenses.

The first video game of the Alien franchise was released in 1982, based on the 1979 film Alien.

- Moon on Predator level, and skybox on Marine level is at wrong depth. In my case this is D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Aliens vs Predator.

- There is one shader for a certain type of spotlight that I have only been able to partially fix, but the effect is minor compared to what it started as, and does not occur very often.

In addition to being released in IMAX, The Predator is going to be receiving the 3D treatment too.

When asked about 3D by a fan on Facebook, co-writer Fred Dekker confirmed that the film would be converted to 3D.

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the Snowman 3D) were released in 70mm IMAX prints; however, they were not subject to DMR processing. First DMR film to surpass both 180 and 190 minutes. The pre-show included a 'Cameras' version of the IMAX countdown.

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