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In March, Portland woman Ariel Hawkins received an email from dating app Tinder, which read, “Your Tinder profile has violated our terms of service.Your account has been deleted.” Hawkins couldn’t recall breaking any rules; she hadn’t bullied or spammed anyone, nor had she posted any images that contained nudity or graphic violence.But he just sent me photos of his waxed butt and his genitals and […] naked selfies.He blasted me for being a game player, and how I still look like a man and how I am a disgusting pervert.” So, what could dating apps and sites realistically do to make their app accessible and safer for trans women?She says that it was common to be instantly fetishised.“Comments like ‘I prefer trans women over ‘real women’’, or immediate messages of ‘Would you fuck me and cum on me’ felt degrading,” she says. Her experience of having her profile deleted was on OK Cupid, after requesting that she and the man she’d been speaking to meet for the first time in a public place, for safety reasons.I am also upfront that I am a parent and professional.

I asked him politely out of my own insecurities to just keep it clean.

“I am a very open and out transgender woman publicly and find the majority of people who I do try to engage in conversation on these apps are very forward.

It’s about them and their needs, and if you aren’t immediately receptive to them, they are aggressive.” Sheppard continues, explaining some of her day-to-day experiences on apps like Tinder.

While the app’s update has only been in action in Australia for a month or so, it seems as though the update hasn’t found an enormous amount of success.

Hawkins tells SBS that she doesn’t believe the update has made the app more inclusive for transgender users in the US.

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After putting a callout on social media, I was inundated with responses from trans women all across the world telling me they’d lost count of the number of times they’d been blocked, for seemingly no reason.

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