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Stanger announces the choices to the group, and then the millionaires set up their "master dates". For example, millionaires cannot discuss sex or trade phone numbers at the mixer.

No sex is allowed until the couple is in an "exclusive, committed, monogamous relationship".

There is also a two-drink maximum enforced on each date.

"I can't do much for women over 45," Stanger said in an interview, "and if they're overweight, it's almost impossible." She told another woman to take off her wig, then suggested she come back after she got hair extensions. Of course, I have several of my own dating rules that are based on experience in the field. But, there are other dating rules that are based on old thinking and tradition. So, here are some commons rules you’ve probably heard from your mom, friends or lady magazines that I’m 100% confident you need to break for a better dating life.Nothing real ever happens in the perfect way you planned. One of the best couples I know got engaged 6 months after meeting each other when they were only 21. It’s been decades and they’re one of the strongest, most solid couples I know. It’s going to be different for every relationship you have, so don’t worry if some feel tortoise-y and some feel hare-y. When you start loving yourself and treating yourself as well as you deserve to be treated, you won’t have to play anything. Let him take the lead If you know me, you know that I love a strong man who steps up and takes the lead in most things. I hope that encourages some of you to break with convention and follow your own dating rules. At the end of each episode, Stanger calls each candidate chosen for their master date, after which Patti calls each millionaire or invites him or her into her office to discuss how the date went.The show concludes with updates on each couple, indicating whether they are still together or not.

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When responding to a question from a gay man about a long-distance open relationship, she said, "There is no curbing you people".

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