Parker posey dating are hoda and jay still dating

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Read Also: Catherine Herridge Son, Biography, Husband, Net Worth, Family Mckenna Posey has undergone training in fashion and has produced her very own swimwear line. Some of her recent appearances include the films Lucky Girl, and 90 Minutes Of The Fever, as well as, TV show, Snowfall. Parker Mckenna Posey has no son, well at least not yet.

However, in March 2018, she faced a backlash from fans of You Tube stars and former couple Chris (Chris Sails) and Queen after she posted a photo of herself with their son, CJ.

She also appeared in TV film Summer Camp, Strong Medicine, and Meet the Santas.

The sitcom was titled My Wife And Kids and Posey was selected to play the character of the youngest kid in the family.

Posey continued to reprise her role for the entire series, appearing in about 121 episodes.

Parker Mckenna Posey is all grown up and nothing like her Kady Kyle character on ABC’s My Wife And Kids which still airs reruns.

A trip to her Instagram page where she quickly amassed over 1 million fans shows that while we weren’t paying attention, Posey got scorchingly hot.

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The negative comments were so much that Posey had to make her account private for some time.