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When staring down the annals of porno history, there is one face, one set of tits, and one sweet vagina that will look you back in the eye and grab you by the balls: Christy Canyon.

In the description of diseases, or of surgical methods adopted for their relief, names of individuals have, as far as possible, been avoided, as being often misleading. The uterus and broad ligaments together divide the pelvic cavity into an antero-inferior and a postero-superior part. For instance, the first stage may be found in a woman having a uterus of moderate development, but contracted at its opening, and which becomes lacerated in her first confinement.

With these objects in view, the author has endeavored to place the subject in as plain and simple a manner as possible, prefevring simplicity of expression to the adorn- ment of It then covers the whole of the posterior surface and extends down behind the posterior wall of the vagina for about an inch.

Each subdivision has been briefly described, doubtful points, or subjects open to discussion, discarded, raid oidy such treatment recommended as has stood the test of experience, believing it better to be armed with a few reliable methods of treatment than surrounded by a wilderness of uncertainty. Development of the Female Genitals 12 Wolffian diict B. It next passes over to the rectum, leaving a pouch between the two folds, Douglas' pouch or the recto- uterine pouch. The causes of the diseases of women arc niniiily Httributnbl(ot or indirect, of modi^rn life. Abnormalities produced by hereditary congenital deficiencies of development.

Un des symboles suivants apparaitra sur la dernidre image de cheque microfiche, selon le cas: le symbole •~»signifie "A SUIVRE", le symbole V signifie "FIN". , AND DEAN OF THE MEDICAL FACULTY IN QUEEN's UNIVERSITY, KINGSTON, THIS BOOK IS RKHPKCTFDLLY DEDICATED BY THE AUTHOR, IN RECOGNITION OF LIFE LONG SERVICES AS A PIONEER AND STEADFAST LABORER IN THE (JAUSE OF HIGHER ■'- MEDICAL EDUCATION IN CANADA. During the many years the author has been engaged in teaching in various departments of medicine, it always appeared that much valuable time was lost to the student, and important points missed, in efforts to secure such notes as would furnish him with a knowledge of the teachings of the lecturer. On reaching the wall of the bladder they turn sharply inward and run for half an inch in its wall, finally opening with a s T^nll longitudinal slit in the interior of the bladder.

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at different reduction ratios. When it is demanded of a teacher to so arrange his lectures that his listeners may secure the required notes, liis efforts are apt to become dry and uninteresting, and often simply a species of dictation. The Rectum is formed by the lower end of the large intestine and extends from the brim of the pelvis to the anal aperture.

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□ Coloured pages/ Pages de couleur □ Pages damaged/ Pages endommagdes I I Pages restored and/or laminated/ D Pages restaurdes et/ou pellicul6es Pages discoloured, stained or fo,';ei Pages d6color6es, tachet6es ou piqu^es Pages detached/ Pages d^tach^es Showthrcugh/ Transparence I I Pages discoloured, stained or io Ked/ I I Pages detached/ I I Showthrcugh/ □ Quality of print varies/ Qualit^ indgale de I'impression □ Includes supplemer\tary material/ Comprend du material supplementaire □ Only edition available/ Seule Edition disponib U lisponible Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best possible image/ Les pagos totalement ou partiellement obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, etc., ont 6t^ film^es d nouveau de facon d obtenir la meilleure image possible. The Ureters are two tubes leading from the kidneys to the bladder.

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