Opensim standalone map updating what is speed dating game

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Opensim standalone map updating

You can use the "command-script" feature of Open to semi-automate this.E.g., create a file in your "bin" directory, called something like "dobackup", which contains the necessary commands, for example: This can be run from Open by typing "command-script" followed by the name you gave the script (eg "dobackup").The simulator would interpret this message, fetch the appropriate map texture UUIDs by requesting the region information from the grid service (and parcel image if available, though we won't get into that here) and return them to the viewer.The viewer would then request the textures identified by the UUIDs as required.Unfortunately, this means that some config operations (e.g.

For Standalone Common.ini, the configurable parameter is This controls the maptile refresh time in minutes where the default is 60 (confusingly this is not done in seconds as with the viewer 1 setting).

Since SQLite is our default database, there often comes a time when people outgrow it and want to move on to another database backend (usually My SQL).

An alternative method is to change to each region (change-region) before backing up their contents to a separate Open Simulator Region Archive (OAR) for each region.

The world map is activated by default for viewer 1 and associated TPVs with the following settings in Open Sim and which can be overridden in your own Open

There is an alternative higher quality but more resource intensive Map Image Module called Warp3DImage Module which we shall discuss more below.

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The minimap is generated purely by the viewer, and is decorated with an image of the terrain, the positions of other avatars on that region, objects colour coded by whether you own them, etc.