Okcupid dating persona test window shopper Sexchat oslo

Posted by / 13-Apr-2020 04:29

Okcupid dating persona test window shopper

"People come to us because they want the website to work, and we want the website to work."The revelation about OKCupid's testing came after Facebook users learned about similar experiments conducted on them.

OKCupid's privacy policy explains that users' personal data may be used for research and analysis.

In one test, the site hid profile photos, in another it hid profile text, and in the final test it deliberately altered compatibility ratings among users.

The studies were designed to examine how users really evaluate potential matches, and determine which aspects of a profile have the greatest effect on how users view those matches.

"If you use the Internet, you're the subject of hundreds of experiments at any given time, on every site," Christian Rudder, president of OKCupid, wrote on the blog.

"That's how websites work."The first test in January 2013 was masked as a "Love is Blind" day. They found that site traffic dropped dramatically, but users who did contact potential matches on that day had more meaningful conversations.

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