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A wonderful well thought out time travel / alien story. This was a free e-book and covered the 'U' in my A-Z author challenge. It was basically moments of "I just thought of this! I think the author was going for quirky and unique but ended up at annoying, judgemental and almost psychotic.This would not be worth purchasing...apparently Tom Upton doesn't have an editor. There were so many spelling and grammatical errors! As an example (don't worry not really spoilers): the second time she meets the male protagonist to see if she can trust him she drives them off a cliff into the water. While Just Plain Weird is basically a young adult romance, it is also so much more than that. A sci-fi, romance, comedy and thriller all at once: This book is sweet, funny, and simply quite a thrill to read. The only other real character in this story is Doc, Eliza’s father. This is a must-read for anyone with a sense of humor and adventure! Spooky, Suspense, Action, Horror, Love, Drama, Funny!! Travis begins to get interested in her and attempts to talk to her, and in doing so, Travis discovers her secret, that make things just plain weird.If you can ignore the errors (okay, okay there were quite a few which could have been caught) and you're into fun, simple yet totally wacky Sci-fi (don't ask how it manages to do all three), you'll like this one. I really liked Eliza a lot, but the lack of proof-reading, I did not. with characters you grow to care about, and find yourself on the ride with them through their discoveries, frustrations and breakthroughs.

Then it is up to him to buy her a present and apologize.The machine is scared and won't talk to them pretty much solely to create suspense.Because it starts talking as soon as the reader is getting annoyed.And then spins this wild story after wh I thought the book was dull, with a lot of improbable coincidences and no real action to speak of.For the most part the characters are likeable except for the female protagonist.

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