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Starting from version 1.15, there is a new option under the Options menu - 'Background Scan'.

When it's turned on, Wireless Network Watcher first make the regular fast network scan to discover all current connected devices.

On Windows Vista/7, this option is irrelevant, because the ARP scanning is not affected by the cache.

Add new option to 'Advanced Options' window: 'Activate the beep/tray balloon alert only if the device is detected in the first time'.

The company that manufactured the network adapter, according to the MAC Address.

This column can help you to detect the type of the device or computer.

(The devices information is stored in the file of Wireless Network Watcher) Fixed Wireless Network Watcher to scan the entire network when the subnet mask is not, for example, if the subnet mask is, Wireless Network Watcher will scan 512 addresses.

You can also generate a filename with date/time (e.g: wnw20170920123320.csv) instead of numeric counter.Added 'User Text' column, which allows to enter your own text for a specific computer/device, from the Properties window (Alt Enter).The text that you write will be displayed for the same device in future scans.When you run WNet Watcher.exe, it'll automatically load and use the external instead of the internal MAC addresses database.You can assign your own text to any device detected by WNet Watcher.

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(Sometimes this file is provided with leading space characters, I don't really know why...) Added 'Clear ARP Cache On Every Scan' option.

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