Mineral assemblages dating techniques

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Mineral assemblages dating techniques

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Geology is typically broken up into two major fields of study: physical geology, historical Geology.

Stop sulking and get back into the dating game with us. Heavy mineral correlation belongs to the third of these categories.It is one of a family of provenance-based tools that also includes chemostratigraphy [4,5], Sm-Nd isotope stratigraphy [6,7] and clay mineral stratigraphy [8,9].Biostratigraphy, integrated with seismic and geophysical log interpretation, remains the principal tool for oilfield correlation [1].However, there are many situations where biostratigraphic data lack sufficient resolution, for example due to unfavourable depositional conditions (such as non-marine or paralic settings or very rapid sedimentation in marine environments) or deep burial alteration causing degradation of the biostratigraphic signal.

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