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Meet fuck no creidt cards

Consumer Credit Counseling Service: Organizations that help consumers find a way to repay debts through careful budgeting and management of funds.These are usually nonprofit organizations, funded by creditors.Credit Limit: The maximum amount of money that can be charged on a particular credit account.Credit Practice Rule: A federal law that requires creditors to provide a written notice to potential cosigners about their liability if the other person fails to pay; it prohibits late charges in some situations and prohibits creditors from using certain contract provisions that the government found to be unfair to consumers.The law contains several chapters that relate to different methods of relief: Bankruptcy Discharged: A court order ending the debtor's obligation to pay all included debt.Bankruptcy Dismissed: A court order that denied a bankruptcy petition, making the debtor still liable for all debts.

Credit Bureau: A company that gathers information on consumers who use credit and sells that information in the form of a credit report to credit lenders. Credit Card: A card issued by a bank or lender, on behalf of the party named on the card, which can be used instead of cash or checks authorizing payment for goods and services.Credit Repair Companies: Individuals or companies that promise to "clean up" or "erase" a consumer's bad credit and give him/her a fresh start. Credit Report: A record or file maintained by a credit bureau that contains information about a person, such as where the person works and lives, information from creditors regarding money borrowed and payments made, and public record information, such as whether the person has filed for bankruptcy.Used by a prospective lender or employer to help determine the creditworthiness of a prospective borrower.Collateral: Property acceptable as security for a loan or other obligation.Consumer: Person who uses and/or buys goods and services for family or personal use.

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Consolidation Loan: A loan usually obtained for the purpose of reducing the amount of the payments of bills owed by consolidating the bills into one loan payment.

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