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This thinner stamp makes ‘70s models easier to confuse with the stamps of the ‘50s, but can be identified by the non-bold “Zildjian Co” logo, 1 3/16” stamp size, and uniform machine hammering.These unusual specimens were specifically used by Zildjian when they began producing brilliant finish cymbals.The earliest uniform stamp identification was put in place in 1929 at the Zildjian factory in Massachusetts.These early models are easier to identify thanks to the hand hammering, wider lathing, and generally more worn appearance due to their age.A measurement of the stamp will provide the most accurate information.

The Trans stamps marked the “transition” in the company’s production of less uniform stamps to a more standardized, even logo.

It should be noted that Zildjian began machine hammering their Avedis cymbals through the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, so identifying via hammering patterns isn’t as reliable for this era.

Used consistently through the whole decade, the stamps on models of this era are much easier to identify.

There are two renditions of the First Stamp: one with wider lathing and a more rounded “J” figure, and another with more pronounced embossing on the edge letters similar to the Trans stamps.

Finally, Zildjian also produced cymbals for Ludwig, Leedy, and Slingerland under the names Zenjian and Alejian.

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The inclusion of “Constantinople” in the title understandably leads some to assume these models are Ks, the machine hammering and uniform finish are easy giveaways for identification.