Korean parents against interracial dating

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My husband was born in South Korea, and his parents are educated, well-traveled, Asian professionals who have been American citizens for over 30 years.Yet, straying outside of his race for love was always forbidden for him.A Korean woman who holds hands with a Western man risks being occasionally harangued, called a ''whore,'' or even slapped or spat upon.This is becoming less common, but even so, part of the reason Mr.Then they alternated interrogations with lectures.'' They said, ' There will be no mixing blood in our family,' '' recalled the woman, who insisted that she not be identified.They warned her that any romance with a foreigner would not only ruin her own marriage prospects but would also make it more difficult for her brother and sister to marry.'' If I have a foreign boyfriend, then it's kind of a bad point on our whole family,'' the woman noted -- speaking in Mr. Although she lied to her parents, insisting that she had no foreign boyfriend, she has continued the romance, in great secrecy.'' Sometimes I just wish that Frank were Korean,'' she sighed.A few years before that, an American sergeant-major was beaten to death by a Korean man who objected to the American escorting a Korean girlfriend.

The sensitivities have become more visible in part because South Korea has the American troops and in part because thousands of other young Westerners have come here, often working as English teachers.People are much more accepting now.'' Still, many foreign men complain that while they admire the strength of Korean families, and the children's sense of obligation to their parents, it is difficult to cultivate romance in such an environment.'' It was easy to get a date, but the girl's idea was totally different, totally platonic,'' mused Michael Minor, a Canadian who runs a language institute in Seoul. '' Then the moment it risked becoming more than platonic, the moment she might be falling in love, it would be: ' Oh, no! My family’s prejudices around marriage were just reserved for the more familiar American race war of calling black-white relationships “wrong” or “unfair to the children.” My husband and I married anyway, with the hard-won support of all our parents when the day finally came.Seven years later we have three biracial children who are beloved by their grandparents, as am I.

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