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Japan dating tips

This is subtle and it can take some time to learn, but if you pay attention to what the “right kinds” of Japanese women really want – and if you stay true to your own personal standards – you can get gorgeous Japanese women – the kind that high-status Japanese men would want to date!So, Western men: it’s true that there are certain types of Japanese women who will have sex with you just because you’re foreign.Don’t complain, don’t be negative, don’t act like a victim of circumstance. Something about you made her think to herself: “I want to get to know this man.” So if you let her get to know you too much, what do you have left?Don’t whine and moan about your job, your previous girlfriends, Japan, your home country, or anything else. If you’re the one who does all the talking, you’re letting all the mystery and energy and romance drain out of the relationship!Too often, Western men who date Japanese women have no standards, in part because they have had little or no success with women back in their home countries.These men might not be “virgins,” per se, but they also are not anyone’s idea of a “player.” Men like these will have sex with ANY Japanese woman who will give them the time of day – and there is a certain kind of Japanese woman who is often willing to do it.Try to find out what kind of woman she is; show her that you’re interested in getting to know her more deeply. So maybe you’re thinking, “Is dating Japanese women really this simple? Listening to a Japanese woman (or any woman) and asking lots of good questions gives her the impression that you are truly interested in her.

You can attract Japanese women who are better looking, more interesting, and more sophisticated – if you learn what it takes, and put in some effort.

Listen to everything she says, listen for every inflection in her voice. If you’re on a date with a Japanese woman, make sure to ask her questions.

Sometimes there can be subtle nuances that get lost when you’re talking with a Japanese woman because of the language barrier, so listen carefully. Don’t be too direct and blunt – you’re not interrogating her, you’re just on a date; be classy and tactful and casually fit the questions into your conversation. Remember – this is not an interrogation or a survey; keep it fun and casual. But these are the types of questions you should ask the Japanese women that you date, especially if you have some chemistry with her.

reasons why Japanese girls don’t like foreign guys, the majority of which can be summed up by one of Japan’s most relevant cultural exports: anime.

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