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She first got nominated in this award in 1998 for Best Actress for portraying her role in the Love Jones, but that was not the year she was honored with it, it was 2000 and she won it for Star of the Year.She has also been honored by the Black Reel Awards.In 2000, she was honored by the People Magazine, they listed her in the 50 most beautiful people in the World and she was also ranked first in that listing.She has also been honored by the Acapulco Black Film Festival.When he’d asked her if she was “seeing anyone,” Nia’s reply was “No, but I know where to get some di*k if I need it.” Years later, they both laughed it off and kept it movin.’ LOL..gotta love Nia Long for her realness and by the way, she’s happily married now.Check out what they revealed below…“I remember Chris Rock and I were set up on a blind date.

Image Awards is also one of the prestigious trophies in the movie world and she is also honored with this award not once but thrice in her life.She first won this award in 2000 for portraying her role in The Best Man. Actress, Nia Long (48), and comedian/actor, Chris Tucker (47), go way back since their “Friday” movie days, but most us never knew just how deep their history was.She explained that Chris was rollin’ in a hooptie back then and she kinda stunted on him…in a playful way. I was shooting Friday at the time, and Chris Tucker and I saw each other on the freeway, on the way to the set.Nia Long: [Laughs.] “Well—back then this seemed like a big purchase. I was going [Waves, imitates honking.] “Toot, toot! He had a busted window with a pizza box over it because he couldn’t afford to fix the window!

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Nia began her professional acting career in 1986 when she was only sixteen years old. Height: Nia stands 5 feet 2 inches Weight: Nia weighs around 57 kg.

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